zondag 28 februari 2010

Postbus midibus van Kutsenits

Als bijvangst van de Wintersport vakantie een bijzondere Postbus, de Kutsenits City VI regiobus, in Reutte op basis van een Iveco Daily.

De geschiedenis van Kutsenits is opmerkelijk:

  • 1948 Bus company founded by Stefan Kutsenits.
  • 1974 Take over of the company by Steffan Kutsenits, bus enterprise - travel and regular transport service
  • 1980 Relocation of the garage and workshop to the industrial area of the P.K. Commercial motor vehicles - 1000 m ² work-area, office and 20000 m ² industrial property
  • 1986 Beginning of bus production. Joint venture with Autoragonda/Autocommerce where after 0 309 on B11 the first bodies were developed. Superstructures of bus chassis, all wheel chassis. The co-operation with Alga/D Busses for the inland/Cuba and other countries is established
  • 1991 Collapse of Yugoslavia - establishment of Kutsenits international, Murska Sobota/Slovenia - purchase of a factory with 4000 m ², 12000 m ² reason and establishment of painting box, environmentally consciously with active Kohl filtering
  • 1992 The VW-Kutsenits City I is presented in Kortrijk.
  • 1993 Extension of the program to City II und City III
  • 1994 Restructuring of the private company Stefan Kutsenits into company Handels- und Buskonstruktion Ges.m.b.H with same ownership structure. 50 garage employees and 10 employees in the main office in Hornstein for the development of the international market. VW-City III drives IAA Hanover with natural fuel.
  • 1998 The first VW-City III for Japan/Kanazawa model introduction of the Mercedes City V
  • 1999 50% production of VW – 50% on Mercedes.4 additional City III und City II for Japan/Kanazawa.
  • 2000 IAA 2000 Frankfurt presentation of the STARIO OH115. The 1. Bus with tail engine in the category 7.5 t total weight on chassis Mercedes Vario 815 in journey and Niederflur trips.
  • 2001 New office Hornstein Stario 815 for Norway, Sweden and Germany - introduction of 616 Sprinter - further supplies of City III to Japan
  • 2002 Introduction of the Mercedes Sprinter 616 NF at the IAA Hanover - beginning of the first Stario NF concept VW City III-Cargo at the Tokyo Motorshow and over taking of the Temsa agency as extension of the Midibusen
  • 2003 Introduction of the new Kutsenits-Citybuse on chassis VW T5 with steering axle - distribution of 70 Temsabusses - Extension with adjoining properties and 5000 m ² in Hornstein
  • 2004 The new VW-Kutsenits City Busses are presented at the IAA Hannover and Tokyo. Vienna, Ravenna, Stockholm and other cities are also supplied. A Further 45 Temsa safari for post office bus.
  • 2005 100 busses are planned for in house production. 45 Post office Temsa Safari busses and 26 Safari HD for Airport in distribution. New concepts in both the Midistadtbus and cross-country regular bus are compiled. VW-Kutsenits City IV with CNG (Natural fuel) are delivered for Rastatt (D) and Allesandria (IT).
  • 2006 7 new models are planned for 2007. Temsa is the new focus point after Sales support for Austria, south and Eastern Europe.
In Nederland hebben bij Arriva een aantal bussen van Kutsenits gereden.

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